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 Universal Under Dash Hanging Mount Pedal Assembly

Universal Under Dash Hanging Mount Pedal Assembly

Catalog Number: DB321
Price:  $110.95

Mounts under the dash and completely adjustable.

  • Laser cut and powdercoated black
  • Works with manual or power brakes!
  • Adjusts from the firewall.
  • Includes Pedal Pad.
  • 3"3/8" Square bolt pattern for universal booster (P{ower)
  • 3" 3/8 center to center bolt holes for master cylinder (Manual)
  • Pedal pivot point at 7", 8.5", 10", 11.5", or 13" from the firewall
  • 14" overall Length 

For automatics only.

Fits by Year, Make, Model:
Universal Fitment on Firwall.

Part Number=PRAUF1
Booster Fitment=3-3/8"" Square Bolt Pattern
Overall Height=
Overall Width=
Overall Length=
Box Size=15x11x11